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Text lead generation is a proven way to capture prospects and engage with them early in the sales process. Mobile Texting and Offers, increases sales opportunities and provides sales staff with genuine interest and user contact data.EZR Auto provides a 24/7 – 365 day instant mobile sales person by engaging with prospects onsite and offsite as well as a tool for mobile and website ‘Offer’ creation.

The EZR Platform helps:

  • Promote prospect engagement 24/7 – 365 days;
  • Obtain prospect contact data including phone number, time, date and vehicle tagged;
  • Activity list of engagement and sales contact;
  • Simple management dashboard for inventory and automatic ‘Offer’ creation from imported data.

Dealers can also create ‘Text Offers’ for Dealer websites that sends leads direct to car information on their Mobile . . .

Simple creation tools to capture prospect engagement via our auto text platform that provides the prospect contact number and the car they have tagged.


Dealer Dashboard for easy management and Offer creation. Track offers and inventory on program. Manage leads and contacts and automatically send ‘Offers’ to Offer Platform.

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