393904_lEZR Mobile for Casinos allows casino patrons to access real-time information through our easy-to-use mobile platform.

EZR Mobile’s interactive, multi-lingual signs are posted at every egress point into the casino. Through a simple sign-up, patrons can use their mobile device to access information, allowing you to:

  • Direct them to certain destinations within the casino, including your most lucrative tables, as well as restaurants, shows and other attractions
  • Give them incentives to sign up for special offers
  • Stay in touch even after patrons have left your Casino and offer thema variety of incentives to come back to YOUR establishment

Don't lose your patrons when they walk out the door. Stay in touch effortlessly via text.

We know that receiving your patrons’ feedback is invaluable, so we have also built in a feature that allows you to collect and track their enhanced casino experience.